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Individual Course Projects


Project: Self-Paced E-Learning wiki
Created by (alphabetical): Brackman, Sighle; Gurnett, Margaret; Putman, Cea; Unrein, Judy
Description: From tools to theory, from ideas about design to industry best practices, we aim to be a complete source of information for those looking to learn about creating effective, successful e-learning. For our purposes, we define e-learning as self-study, computer-based learning.

Media and Visual Literacy

Project: Instructional Design GIDA Video
Created by: Unknown
Description: A video created by students in INSDSG 610 (circa 2004?)

Organizational Development


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Adults as Learners

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Communication & Group Dynamics

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Curriculum Development

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Course Creation

Koutropoulos, A. (2010). Greek for Travelers : A Design Document.
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Research Writing

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