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This project started as part of the Graduate Instructional Designers Alumni Association (GIDA) and will be (eventually - sometime soon I hope) maintained by GIDA members.

Disclaimer:This document does not constitute and official document of the University of Massachusetts Instructional Design Program. As of yet, It is not sponsored by, or endorsed by the program. It is maintained by volunteers who are students and alumni of the program. If you are interested in the formal wiki of the program please go to this link: The information about classes, on this wiki (PocketID), is fairly up-to-date. The University Policies page on this wiki (PocketID) is probably out of date since it hasn't been maintained in years. While course syllabi have been added to respective course pages, the wiki for each course could use a serious revamp. (02/2014)

How to Use

Prospective Students

Potential students to the Instructional Design Program at UMass Boston can use this wiki to find out information about how to apply to the program, look up the faculty who teach in the program, get a previous of courses offered and what each course entails, and an opportunity to get to know of the things that the alumni of the program have accomplished.

Current Students

Current students to the Instructional Design Program at UMass Boston can use this wiki to see what courses that they are interested entail, in the cliffs notes section, find information about faculty ,and get program information, including information about the capstone and historical information about when each course has been offered, if you like to plan our your degree. If you feel adventurous and would like to contribute to the community, please consider writing some articles which explain the knowledge you gained as part of your classes. If you are interested in getting credit for this work, please talk to your advisor if you are taking an independent study, or talk to the faculty member teaching Project in Multimedia . This is a great way for you to earn credit and help out the community :-) Find out how to participate by becoming and officer of volunteering!


Alumni of the Instructional Design Program at UMass Boston can use this wiki to remember the finer points of what was covered in class, look up bibliographies, and see Media and Book recommendations from fellow alumni, students, faculty and fellow instructional designers. Please feel free to contribute your own links, content, books and media so we can enrich the content of the wiki. Find out how you can participate in GIDA and what roles you can fill!


Current and Past faculty can use this wiki to create a teaching profile and list their accomplishments, they can use the cliffs notes section to find out details about what else is taught in the program, and what the courses entail, and you can use the cliffs notes section to update the description of the course you are teaching, in essence using the wiki as a live syllabus for your course! You can also use the wiki as a pedagogical resource, having your students fill out sections of the wiki as assignments for your course. The wiki also provides you with an opportunity to build and maintain bibliographies and resource sections usable in your class.

Instructional Designer Colleagues

Fellow Instructional Designers can use this wiki to cross reference what they know with what we know (see cliffs notes section for courses offered, and descriptions of them, at UMB), and you can see what Instructional Designers around the world are recommending (Books and Media sections). Feel free to contribute your own resources to share with fellow instructional designers and educational technologists.

Rest of the World

Everyone can use this wiki for resources that can help them with the design of their courses. Please feel free to learn from us and with us, and if you have any resources that you find useful, but you don't see listed, please feel free to add it.

Section Descriptions

This page right here. Yes the one you are reading right now
Program Info
Information about the Instructional Design program (applying, advising, forms, FAQ, etc)
Faculty Info
Faculty Profiles
GIDA Information
Information for GIDA officers, how to become one, how to manager our resources, etc.
Course Information
'Cliffs notes' for each INSDSG course taught
Book Club
Book recommendations from your fellow Alumni and classmates
GIDA Resources, Audio, Video and Text Resources for Work and School
Member Projects
A showcase of projects from your fellow Alumni and classmates that you may find useful
Departmental Newsletter Archive


This wiki is currently in Closed Beta: Closed to the public for editing, but individuals wanting to contribute information will be able to request access to edit and add information (contact me at AdmiralAK _AT_ Yahoo _DOT_ com). When the wiki is more complete in the information that it offers it will graduate to become an open wiki for anyone to be able to access and edit.

Licensing Information

Individuals may contribute content if they wish but agree that their contributions will be governed by the Creative Commons License.

Contributions are tracked on each page under the history tab, so contributions are acknowledged :-)

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